Great White Encounter at No 1

I was freedive spearfishing a northern ledge on No1 fishing grounds off Durban, South Africa a short time ago. The area is about 3km out to sea and has a few pinnacles that come up to 24m. Most of the reef lies in 30m+ and covers a large area with lots of structure. The No1 name comes from it having been the premier fishing location in the old days.

The water was really nice, about 20m visibility from the surface down to around 25m. From there on down it was about 5m and worse. We had been diving the ledge for at least an hour before the sighting. I was sitting on the edge of a drop-off of about2-3m at a depth of 30m with my legs hanging over the edge trying to decide what I felt like for supper. I glanced up, maybe "sixth sense" or just aware, and saw this largish shark approaching. My first impression was "that's a nice size Zambezi (Bull) shark". Then I noticed it had a really big black eye and realised it was a youngish Great White, roughly 3-4m in length. It was moving towards me so as to pass me on my right from the front. Awesome fish!! I made a grab for a powerhead, which was in a pouch on my upper arm and I guess the shark took this movement as fear or panic. The shark turned in towards me. I thought things might get interesting but as I got the powerhead onto the spear and then moved towards the shark it turned away again and slid off into the murk. I did not see it again as l made for the surface. We suddenly "tired" of diving for the day and headed off home soon after.