Monthly Spearfishing Report May 2010


At the start of the month it seemed as though the classic calm windless days of May were a thing of the past. Big weather systems in the roaring forties sent some large ground swells onto our coastline making for difficult diving conditions. Not a typical May with northerly winds blowing for the start of the month which are not ideal winds as far as spearfishing is concerned as they make for cold unsettled seas. The latter half of the month saw idyllic conditions move in along the lower south coast with clean flat seas and mostly windless days. 


Some real class fish being caught out at Aliwal Shoal with big wahoo cuda and yellowfin tuna making up catches. Nationals produced some good fish despite some poor conditions so there is still plenty of action if you are out on the ocean. The Bluff produced a lot of fish with three days of diving when including the International which surprised me as you often class this area as a poor one to dive but it certainly produced the goods. Garrick coming out on the lower south coast and lots of shad being caught. Deep Scottburgh holding lots of fish and some good cuda being taken here too.

Winter Solstice

The southern hemisphere has its shortest day around the 21 June and this is marked as our winter solstice. The relevance for us is that from then the days will start to get longer and the nights shorter. It is only getting light now around 06.15 for launching purposes.

Sardine Run

It is that time of year again when hopefully the sardines should start to come onto our coastline. As we know the sea temperatures need to be around 18 celsius for anything to happen and it is ironic that temperatures have risen recently to around 20 celsius. If they stay as they are we will not have much of a run again which is what has happened over the past few years. Some big shoals reported in the Port Edward area at the end of the month but netters unable to get their nets around the shoals.

Boating Death

It is sad to hear that one of the commercial skippers died recently at Rocky bay whilst coming in. Do not know the full story but a big swell was running. Might mean wearing life jackets whilst launching and coming in so best to check with the launch controller if you are planning to launch there. Launched there on the 31 May and you need your sea worthy certificate and skippers plus life jackets on for launching and beaching. Cost is R250 including municipal fee which is a bit steep and hopefully this will be brought down soon.

Shark Feeders

The guys responsible for baiting the sharks out at Aliwal are causing an un-natural number of sharks to come into the area. Some of the baits have over fifty blacktip sharks at a session not to mention tigers and dusk sharks. Was out on Deep Scottburgh on the 31 May and the blacktip sharks were a real problem. Trying to take your speared fish the whole time and coming up to meet you as you are going down. Dangerous spearfishing conditions unless the viz is very good and it can only be a matter of time before somebody is bitten. 

BlueWater Classic

Freedivers in association with Midlands Spearfishing will be hosting this competition  at Sodwana Bay. Dates are 7 and 8 August which is a long weekend with Monday being a holiday. Competition will be dived over two days, Saturday and Sunday. Sodwana Bay offers a lot of choices when it comes to spots and competition should be keen for the good prizes on offer. Entry forms will be on the site by mid June and numbers are going to be limited.