Profile on Spearfisherman Len Turner

President : South African Freediving Association (SAFA)

Len TurnerLeonard Charles Turner aka Lenny the Sealion (or Sea-lice as some of my close friends would have it) was born in Jeffries Bay on the 4 March 1959 under the birth sign of Pisces. Spent all of my formative years rollicking in the sea as a Tadpole Lifeguard, Surfer, Skin Diver and Swimmer. Although now resident in Pretoria - still have an incurable Indian Ocean Brain Disease and have a holiday house in Umkomaas where I duck off to every month.

Grew up in East London. Junior School - West Bank of the Buffalo River and High School Cambridge High School. Did my military Service in the South African Police Force - played in the Police Orchestra, worked in the Stock Theft Unit in Donnybrook, served some time in the Drug Squad in Margate and worked in the Charge Office in Kokstad. Joined Eskom in 1980 and build many Powerlines in the Eastern Cape (Gamtoos Valley, Humansdorp and Uitenhage). Studied Electrical Engineering in Port Elizabeth and East London. Did post-graduate studies in Psychology and Education at Rand Afrikaaans University. Currently a Skills Management Consultant at Eskom. Served 3 years as Vice President of SAFA and now currently President : SAFA.

Spent 10 years as a Rock Robber living on the Bluff (Crayfish, Garrick and Stonebreams). Provincial colours for Swimming (Border); Underwater Hockey and Spearfishing (Gauteng North). Represented South Africa at the all African Spearfishing Challenge held at Lake Kariba in 1998 (when one of his team members, Rob Gates, was taken out by a 5 metre crocodile). Dived 5 SA National Spearfishing Championships.

Currently a "Damduiker" in Gauteng and scourge of freshwater anglers

  • Personal Best Fish : 50kg Sailfish - Aliwal Shoal; 17kg Natal Wrasse (before it was banned) at Umgababa; 19 kg Garrick - Treasure Beach. Record "small-toothed Rosy Jobfish"
  • Closest Encounter : Fatal Encounter with a Tiger Shark at Kosi Bay (read the chapter in his book called the "Turning Point"
  • Boat : 13 foot TrimCraft with 2 x 25hp Yamaha's called "AquaTick" - hence the nick name Sea-lice
  • Married : Bronwyne Lynn Turner also dives and enjoys water sports
  • Kids : Nichole Lynne (18 years) and Terri Jade Turner (16 years) - no young spearo's allowed near the house please
  • Ambition : to assassinate the top 10 Natal Spearfishermen so that I can come in the top 10 in the SA National Speafishing Championships before I retire.