Profile on Spearfisherman Edward Hayman

Early Beginnings

Edward started diving in 1981 at the young age of 11 attracted to the sport by his elder brothers interest. This brother unfortunately died tragically in 1984 whilst taking part in a Western Province spearfishing competition. Shallow water blackout was presumed to be the cause of death as the body was only found 6 weeks after the accident.

Provincial and National Colours

1990 saw Edward diving for the Western Province `B` team where he placed 15th overall. He represented the Springboks at the 1992 World Champs in Spain and took part in an international in 93 against Portugal and Brazil where he placed 12th. In 1994 he again represented South Africa in the World Championships in Peru where he placed 26th. He was manager of the South African Spearfishing team for the Worlds in Croatia. Edward placed 2nd and 3rd a number of times in the National Spearfishing Championships and was chairman of the spearfishing association for some years.

Dubious Honour

Edward has the dubious honour of having been the first recorded case of the spearfishing bends in South Africa. During an international event here in 95 he was found to be suffering from an extreme case of the bends. He spent 12 hours in the decompression chamber followed by 2-hour daily sessions over a two-week period.

Shark Attack

Edward was involved in a great white shark attack off Millers Point in the cape during 1991 whilst diving for lobster and abalone. He was lucky and got off lightly in what could have been a life threatening attack. Read the full story in the Shark files.

Cancer Strikes

In 1997 Edward won the Australian Blue Water Classic held at Coffs Harbor and shortly after this received the frightening news that he had cancer. He was forced to undergo all the chemical treatments that cancer necessitates and suffered total hair loss. As part of his mind game to win over the disease he was determined to take part in the next Blue Water Classic and this he succeeded in doing in 98 placing 10th.

Looking Ahead

Edward is the agent for Omer and Picasso in South Africa and runs Champion Divers based in Cape Town. He is soon to release a freediving and spearfishing book centered on these sports in South Africa that should make for interesting reading. His wife is expecting their first child.