Wahoo Winter Gamefish Competition - 2003

Fun had by All

Once again the Wahoo Diving Club’s Winter Game fish competition at Cape Vidal was a great success. 58 divers signed on with 3 social participants making up the 61 entrants. This number is down on the normal entry of 100+ divers but took nothing away from the great time had by all.


On Friday 16 May, the day before the competition, not much was happening fish wise in the Vidal area. The current up at Leven was slight north to south with a big swell running and an offshore wind blowing. By 10.00am this had switched to a north easterly that blew progressively harder as the day wore on. The viz was fair but nothing was happening and things were very quiet. Apart from a dart cuda and a small fulvie the only other fish seen were a tiger shark and some pesky remoras that kept giving you the odd fright as they sneaked up on you.

Competition Day

By Friday afternoon the northeast was up to 20+ knots and things were looking good for the competition the next day. Saterday saw most boats on the beach before it was light despite the strong off-shore that was blowing and most boats were out past the back line before it was truly light. The current out deep was running at 6 knots that made it virtually impossible to dive the deep pinnacles. Inshore at Leven the current was also screaming and the drift from the sanctuary beacon down to blue bushes seemed to take no time at all. Conditions were good for fish but they had different ideas. The fish that were seen were very skittish and veered off as soon as they noticed you. The deep ledge at Leven was dead with what little action there was taking place on the shallow ledge.

Fish shot

37kg giant kingfish shot by Graham CarlisleThe winning fish, a 37kg giant kingfish shot by Graham Carlisle, was taken on the shallow ledge. After being shot the fish ran into the back line and then out past the deep ledge and Graham and is backie spent some time trying to find the float after losing it in the back line surf. There was a big shoal of 8 to 9kg fulvie kingfish patrolling the shallow ledge and some divers were lucky to bag some of these fish. The odd wary snoek was also taken here. Johan Jacobs is worthy of mention. He was diving some very deep pinnacles off the Greens and managed two big Kaakap, the bigger one missing the South Africa record by a whisker. Shore divers had a hard time with the strong current making for difficult conditions but they still managed to bag their share of the catch.

Points of Interest

There was a speed trap in the park on the Friday, so it is good practice to stick to the 60km speed limit especially with all the animals that frequent the roads now. The Nature Conservation Services made it quite clear that no unruly or unlawful behavior would be tolerated and any instances of this would jeopardize future competitions. These comps are great fun and everyone has a great time but it is always good to respect the other people who come to Vidal to enjoy the place. It would be a pity to lose the competition because of some thoughtless action. There were 47 boat divers and 11 shore divers. There were 4 wetsuits on offer as prizes together with 4 guns and a host of other prizes. The entrance fee of R450 for competition divers was made up as follows: Friday to Sunday meals R80, t-shirt R80, all you can drink R70, boat pack R30, competition entrance R60, camping fees R130.
A great competition and good value for your money, John.