The Lost Sailfish!

Below is the story as written by my mate Andre Schrauwen the lucky one to land his Saily

You never Know what you might see

Well, here's a bit of news.... a friend, Warren Bennett, and myself were diving the south coast on Saturday The east had just started to pump when we got into the water. We had just got through backline and were swimming out to the reef and were in about 6 meters of water when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something rushing toward me. The Vis was only about 8 meters and I first thought it was a shark, it was coming so fast. It turned out to be a sailfish (in 6 meters of water).

Help Needed?

Instinctively, I shot and it took off, dragging me a good few hundred meters out to sea. I only had one gun with me so I called out to my buddy Warren as I raced past him, out to sea. He followed as best he could and eventually managed to catch up. It took me about 20 minutes before I could pull the fish in close enough and I asked Warren to put another shot in.

Bad Luck

As he was going down, the sailie's mate came in toward Warren. He put a shot into this one and it took off so fast, Warren could not grab hold of his buoy in time. He started swimming frantically after it but the buoy went underwater and he lost track of it. By that stage Warren was out of reach so I carried on fighting my fish. It was by now a long swim back to shore but I managed to beach my fish. It weighed out at 30kg. I must be honest it was such a beautiful fish I really wanted to let it go but having shot it, there was no ways it was going to survive. Back to Warren, he swam frantically about the ocean trying to find his buoy. Every now and then it popped up but he eventually lost it. Some guys had seen the whole episode from a hill nearby and said they eventually lost sight of his buoy about 2km out to sea. If anyone happens to find a speargun with line and float with a sailfish attached to the end of it, please contact us. Warren Bennett 084 328 9955 Andre Schrauwen 082 850 5056