Dive Report by Darrell Hattingh

Good conditions at Last

Well, after about 6 weeks of unsettled seas it has finally come right as of Friday ( 22 April ) with almost a week of diveable conditions and the appearance of shoals of `dart` snoek(Queen Mackerel) has kept a few spearos happy. Friday morning I baled in with Ken Ziesing at Umhlanga and was pleasantly surprised by shoals of smallish snoek coming through at regular intervals on Lighthouse reef - bagged 5 in an hour before it went quiet again ( all between 1,5-3,5kilos.)

Shoals of small snoek about

Heard that Sezela was teaming with them and headed down south to Ifafa (anticipating their presence in that area) Saturday morning where I got to Brendans place at 6.30 to find one diver (Brendan) off the point in front of his property. Swam out in the twilight in 8-10 meter viz. and saw a smallish snoek which I missed and heard Brendans gun go off. He had one fish and had seen another, then they started coming through in droves moving right into the bay and gapping it next to the point, luckily I had bought along two guns and managed to bag a full quota in the next hour but by 7.30 they had thinned out. By this time 4 other spearos were there with each guy bagging around half a dozen. Rested up and swam out with Brett to the deeper reef but not a snoek in sight.

North not as good as South

Sunday, XXX Dave and myself headed to Umhlanga but viz was `pea soup much to our disappointment so we jumped in at Umhloti with 3-5 meter viz there- Dave saw 2 nice snoek but didn’t get a shot at either and we managed to scratch some crays. Afternoon dive with Clive Kenton at Umdoni but by this time S.easter was blowing and the current was screaming south north, drifted about 2 km in no time and Clive lost his buoy and gun twice which got washed up against Umdoni point but he was rewarded with a nice cray of 1,3 kg. Got a 5 kilo Garrick at Sezela Tuesday morning out of a shoal of 5-shot two with one spear but lost the other.

Excellent conditions South

Freedom Day Richy Rumble and I headed to Umfazazane with 8-10m viz there and the flattest of surf- no snoek about but we bagged some nice bottoms in 16 meter depth including 4 catface rockcod of around 3-4 kilos. Saw a few pockets of red-eye with some Natal Sardines among them and chatted to Mark Addisson on the way back who says they are already in the East London area, so we may have an early run!