Aliwal Shoal Report August 2008 - Basie Ackermann

General conditions

August. Oh my.  An exceptionally tired month for spearing on the Shoal.  Not for lack of fish, but consistently unfavourable spearing conditions. This year was no different. In fact I think it was even worse than last year, if I look back at my 2007 report.

If it wasn’t pitch black crap being spewed out of the Sappi Saiccor pipeline, otherwise consistent reverse current, or terrible visibility on average, it was pumping winds. By 9 o’clock on most days the east was saying hello, ruining any chance if there was any to be had at all with all the mentioned ingredients thrown into the mix.

The winter fronts started smacking through, with the first 25 knot buster on the 16th, and another beast on the 25th with recorded 30knots. In between there were   north easterlies of the same strength, so fun was had by all, especially with some big 4m swell on some days.

Temperature ranged from 19 – 21 degree Celsius, the colder days occurring after a big east which caused dirty water and cold upwelling.


Simple. None that I heard of.  Hardly any boats out there spearing or even fishing.  The sea wasn’t our friend this month.

Only sea life that made their presence known were Humpbacks, a few Southern Right Whales and spans of Ragged Tooth Sharks

In the dying days of the month I received a photo of spearos with 3 Wahoo, one a beaut bus of 39kgs.  It claimed to have been shot on the Shoal, but this I     couldn’t confirm, and it seems it might have been at Vidal.  None the less, a fish worth mentioning.

The only good thing about this August was the fact that it was an easy report to do.

Happy hunting.
Basie Ackermann