Aliwal Shoal Report April and May 2010 - Basie Ackermann

Apologies to the 4 readers of my report who actually noticed it has been missing. Those 4 readers do not include my mother or half sister from my uncle’s brother side, who knows of someone down the street from them in Makwassie that once mentioned after a multitude of backyard mampoer that he knows of someone that has read this report. Once. But hey, that counts.

Fortunately this report can be simplified due to the diving conditions these past two months. Tired. If this was a jetski fishing report, it would be brimming with news and fish. It was their season. We spearos had to suck on the back nipple of a mangy old street dog. So for obvious reasons we rather passed on that.

General conditions

First of the big winter fronts affected diving, with big swell, and churned up visibility.  A fickle weather cycle with just a puff of easterly winds, and we had cold upwelling the next day with colder, greener water. Average visibility was 6-8metres, with some exceptions, i.e. the 21st April when the Hibiscus boys fell with theirs arses into the Wahoo in 25metre visibility and light onshore current with 26 degree water temperature. Mozambique current came to visit for literally 1 day.

Most of April was 22 degrees water temperature, with a warmer beginning for May of 24-25 degrees, but then days of cold upwelling causing it to drop to 19-21degrees Celsius. May had more north south current and better visibility in general, but none of the settled weather one comes to expect in May.


Lots of Bonito boiling on the surface during April, with the resultant big game fish around. For the Jetski fishermen. Some solid fish were caught, both in April and May. Lots of Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish and some bigger cuda. In April the sizes of the Wahoo were all between 20-30kgs, with mostly sub twenties in May. One kayak fisherman was richly rewarded for paddling all the way to the Shoal, and landed three Wahoo, the biggest 37kgs. Nothing wrong with that, and I’m sure he didn’t even feel the 7km paddle back.

I have heard reports of some good Wahoo coming out on spear, as the conditions on certain days in May were excellent. The Wahoo did not disappoint this season, just the conditions.  Quite a few Sangoras, Kaakap and Yellowtail Kingfish have been boated as well. So a good couple of months on the Shoal for fish, just not the best for us spearos, as most of the consistent catches were from fishermen, as we were relegated to the sidelines. Spearfishing was mostly a spectator sport these two months.

Just have to tell the four of you that the first two weeks of June have been absolute pearlers weather wise. May days, but in June. Flat all day, no wind, clean and the fish loose. I am giving you this info, as I will not submit a June report, as I am away for a month working as marine support for a movie called Blue Crush 2 down the coast.

Enjoy our Oceans,