Spearfishing Camping Checklist

Camp: tent, poles, pegs, chairs, fold-up table, sleeping bag, pillow, stretcher, mosquito net, full gas bottle and attachments, torch, battery light, knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, mug, water bottle, 2 pots, braai grid cutting board

Food: (basics)salt, spices, sugar, cool drink, beers, olive oil, vegetables, potatoes, fruit cereals, long life milk, tea, coffee, snacks, mosquito coils, charcoal, fire lighters, matches, tin foil, sunlight, pot scourer

Diving: 2 guns, spare made-up spears, spare rubber, wet suit, 2 goggles, snorkel, flippers, flipper guards booties, weight belt, float, line, flasher, power heads

Vehicle and Boat: jack, spare wheels, wheel spanners, tyre pump, emergency tyre repair, spare hub or bearings-trailer tools, nuts and bolts, fan belt, tyre air gauge, boat oil, electrical tape, spare spark plugs, spare prop, fuses, valve tool, spare valves, spare leads

Personal: camera, film, ID book, money, filleting knife, hat, suntan lotion, lipice, washing kit, picture of wife

Clothes: underpants, shorts, tracksuit, denims, long sleeved shirt, t-shirts, sandals, closed shoes, jacket

Other: map book, malaria treatment, passport, visa`s, log book, third party insurance, road tax certificate